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Wix Website Migration
(migrate Website To Wix)

Starting at $445

If you have a website hosted on Wordpress, shopify or any other platform, and you'd like to Migrate your website to Wix, our Wix web developers specialize in migrating all types of websites to the Wix platform. Wix's platform can mimic any other platforms sites and can carry over mostly if not all elements and functionality that you like.

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If you do not already have a website that is on the Wix platform, but still need a website redesign we can still help. Referred to as site migration; we can migrate your site to Wix, we can transfer your Shopify website to Wix. transfer your Wordpress site to Wix and much more. Some platforms are so overwhelming and complicated, we can take care of the Wix Redesign. When we are finished, you will have a user friendly platform that is to easily maintain and a beautifully designed website.

Why Migrate Your Website to Wix? Why do a Wix Redesign?

Rather migrating website to Wix or doing a Wix redesign site, it will be one of the best decisions for your business or personal website. Wix is a user friendly renowned all-in-one website builder, which can be chosen to launch and manage any types of websites – both simple and full-featured. Other platforms such as WordPress can very complex, expensive to maintain and or limited. We can make this transition easy for you.

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