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Starting at $150

Our team of Wix certified experts will make your Wix website tablet and mobile device user friendly. Everyone is on a mobile device these days so we will make sure to render your site for the most optimal use across all mobile devices. This ensures that your audience will get the best experience rather they be on a mobile device or desktop computer.

The Power of SEO in 2023

  • Increasing Organic Traffic:
    In 2023 alone, small businesses employing SEO strategies experienced a notable average rise of 50% in organic traffic. 

  • Boosting Conversion Rates:
    In 2023, small businesses practicing effective SEO techniques benefited from an average conversion rate improvement of 35%. 

  • Expanding Brand Awareness and Trust:
    In 2023, a staggering 70% of users confirmed that they trust businesses appearing on the first page of search results more than those on subsequent pages. 

  • Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy:
    Statistics from 2023 revealed that SEO generates 4 times more leads per dollar spent than traditional advertising methods like print ads or direct mail.

  • Mobile Optimization:
    In 2023, mobile searches accounted for over 60% of total organic searches, highlighting the significance of having a mobile-friendly website.

Wix SEO Optimization

Starting at $400

Our Wix SEO Specialist team will but you in the position to rank online so you can be found on the internet. Implementing Wix SEO will attract your targeted audience. Wix SEO specialist focus on both on and off-page SEO, Wix SEO best practices, Wix local SEO and more. We offer on-going plans that will provide the most optimal traffic to your Wix website. Our Wix SEO Specialist not only increase the number of your potential customers, but we also work on raising your rank on various search engines.

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