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Wix Maintenance Monthly Package

Starting at $200

Once you have your Wix website designed, if you choose; you dont have to worry about maintenance. We offer plans for Wix website maintenance and Wix online help. We can detect, debug any rendering issues and make updates to your website as needed.

Wix Website Editing

Starting at $75

Don’t need a monthly maintenance package, but still need to the occasional assist with a website edit? We can help with that! Book our A-La-Carte editing service, and we’ll take care of it.

Single Hour Editing Starting

at $75

Bulk Editing Pack (4-hours) Starting 

at $240

Updating Wix Stores
Or Shopping Cart

Starting at $85

Our Wix site developers can easily customize a Wix website and Wix store. From colors, fonts and animation we have you covered.  Rather you need to attract more customers or streamline your store, we will be sure to will get you going on the internet and have automation that makes your website work for you. Also if you are in need of SEO, our Wix SEO specialist knows all the Wix SEO best practices, Wix local SEO and much more.

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Wix Marketplace / 3rd Party Plug-ins

Starting at $125

Make use of a plethora of Wix Marketplace and widgets to enhance your site ensuring to keep your clients engaged. We always strive to provide the best Wix web design services that can make our clients proud. When you hire a Wix expert designer wіth with Market Me, we promise our knowledgeable design team will do the same for you by providing the the best quality service, timely responses and innovative design. What are you waiting for? Reach out to us at Market Me today to bring your Wix Website Design to life!

Website Page Addition

Starting at $200

Need and extra page added to your existing Wix website? Order branded design add-on pages here!

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